2017-2019 Key Awards Presentations

Freysteinson, W.M. (2018). New perception of self through mirror viewing: shared insight into the experience following limb amputation. Appearance Matters 8 Conference, Bath, United Kingdom.

Freysteinson, W.M. (2018, August 24). Freysteinson, W.M., & Mellott, S. (2017, September 13). Recommendations made by women veterans who have military sexual trauma. UT Health: Community Engagement and Healthcare Improvement (CEHI), San Antonio, Texas.
Freysteinson, W.M., Thomas, L., Lelek, N., Lee, I., & Douglas, D. (2017, October 29). Designing a video for online dissemination of emotionally sensitive health information. Sigma Theta Tau 44th Biennial Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Freysteinson, W.M. (2018, August 24). The applicability of Ricoeur’s phenomenology of the will to nursing. 22nd International Philosophy of Nursing Conference (IPONS). Galway, Ireland.